How do I find inspiration for my photo shoot?

Conduct research online for the type of photo shoot you want to have. For example, if you would like an elegant, timeless photo shoot simply google "elegant photo shoot", and several photos fitting that description will show in the results. Websites like Pinterest are great resources as well.

What can I expect on the day of the photo shoot?

Once you arrive with clean, dry hair and no makeup, we will review the wardrobe you brought with you and select final outfits for the photo shoot. Once the outfits have been chosen you will then move on to hair and makeup. From there, we will be begin the photo shoot and change looks accordingly.

Will my photos be made public after the shoot?

No images will ever be shared online or on social media unless you give me permission to do so, first.


What do I bring on the day of my photo shoot?

It is recommended to bring 5 to 10 outfits. This will give us some options to choose from on the day of your shoot.  The stylist will assist you in choosing the best outfits that complement you the most.


Can these photo shoots be done for special occasions or even photos given as gifts?

Often times, these photos are given as gifts for special occasions such as weddings or life events. Other occasions include holidays such as Father's day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or Christmas.

What type of photography do you specialize in?

At BRIAN FOX Photography the emphasis is on timeless Beauty Portraiture but we often do Personal Branding/ Headshot photo sessions as well as High School Senior photos.

I am nervous since this is my first photo shoot, what type of guidance will I receive?

It is expected to be nervous which is why Brian and his team's job is to make you look as amazing as possible before the picture is taken. Brian will guide you through everything from how to pose to how to look at the camera.

What commitments need to be taken care of the day of the photo shoot?

Only payment for your Date Reservation Fee is required to solidify your session date upon booking. When you come back for your Reveal you can then decide what photos you would like to purchase.

Do I need a hair and makeup artist for my photo shoot? Why would this be important?

It is insisted upon to have a professional hair and makeup artist take care of your overall look for best results in this natural light environment.

Are prices for prints based on a per photo basis? Is there a minimum I am obligated to order?

The payment is determined by the number of images you choose. You are not obligated to purchase any photos.

How long will it take for my photos to be ready?

You can expect to see your photos fully edited and fully finished within 3 to 4 weeks of your photo shoot.  You will then be invited back for your Reveal where you will have the opportunity to purchase your finished images.

About Whitney… one of the Hair and Makeup Artists at Brian’s Studio.

Whitney, professionally trained, has been a hair and makeup artist for 24 years. She has extensive experience in a wide array of styles and commercial work, and has worked with celebrities such as Natalie Cole.

Whitney explains the makeup application process.

Visual guides will take you through the process that best suits the look you want to achieve as well as visually displaying the transition from a natural eye look to a more dramatic smokey eye look.

Can you explain more about the styling process?

The stylist will first like to speak with you to get to know you and your personality before discussing the different types of look that will best suit your wardrobe choices for the shoot.

How do I prepare to have my makeup done? Can I wear my own makeup the day of the photo shoot?

It is best to come to your photo shoot with a clean, fresh, and make-up free face.

How do I prepare to have my hair styled? Should I wash my hair the morning of the shoot?

To best hold the style, it is recommended to come with hair that has been washed at least 24 hours before the photo shoot.