Portrait couture – Chloe and the value of a photo

There is a model inside all of us!

As I’ve said before, the people you are seeing on my blog and website are normal, everyday people you see at your local supermarket or Starbucks. They’ve notoriously been very camera shy, for the most part. And most of the people I have photographed have told me that they have never had a good picture taken of themselves.

Of course, there is the occasional exception. Let’s take Chloe, for example. In many ways Chloe fits the description of most of the people who come into my studio… she’s a mother of three kids, ages 10, 8, and 4 (I know, she looks incredible, doesn’t she?) and she hasn’t created the opportunity to do much for herself ever since having her first child 10 years ago. Chloe is a wonderful story. She actually is a working model… now. I say, “now” because up until last New Year’s Eve she hadn’t even dreamed of doing work in front of the camera. She was “discovered” at a New Year’s Eve party at the end of 2011 and now she is a working model in Florida with regular appearances on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) as well as in various publications around the state! Again, in some ways Chloe is the exception but in many ways she is not.

I believe that’s one of the things I love about the Portrait Couture photo shoots. It gives women (and, occasionally men) the opportunity to do something for themselves that is going to be remembered for years, decades, or generations. There was a time when people felt it was important to have a nice portrait of themselves to document their place in time and history.

Think of a favorite picture you have of your parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents. They made the time to get in front of a film camera during a period when they probably had to sit for well over an hour just to get one or two good photos of themselves. And those photos are now cherished keepsakes for their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. Do you think they ever dreamed that their photos would be cherished so much when they were sitting in that portrait chair, waiting (probably miserably, I might add) for the photographer to get that one good picture?

These days we have it easy! When a client comes into my studio for a Portrait Couture session my stylist spends one hour doing hair and makeup, and then during a 2-hour photo shoot my goal is to shoot no more than 200 frames and end up with 25 – 30 amazing photos to show during the presentation. No giant film camera. No waiting for an hour just to get one shot. And we can do four or five complete outfit changes during that session, as well!

When we think about the power of those photos and how they might be viewed 10, 20, 30, or even 100 years from now it kind of changes the perspective on those photos, doesn’t it? We all should take the time to document ourselves and show our model within.

Have a great week!