Anatomy of a portrait couture session – Song and accessories

Tomorrow’s Portrait Couture session can’t get here soon enough! I’m very excited to have the opportunity to photograph Barbara. Barbara is from just down the road in Windermere, Florida and I’ve been trying to get her into the studio for some time, now. She’s a grandmother who would put any adventure seeker in their 20’s to shame. I mean, this amazing lady has done it all and she continues to do it all! We’re even going to include her dog for a few shots. That should be a lot of fun!

It was during a text conversation with Barbara that a question came up which I address with almost every Portrait Couture client I photograph… “should I bring any jewelry or accessories to my shoot?”.To me, including jewelry or other accessories is a matter of personal preference. When I photographed Erika for her Portrait Couture session, she had told me in our pre-shoot consultation that she had an affinity for the fleur-de-lis and therefore, brought several jewelry pieces that showcased the fleur-de-lis. I thought this worked great for a few of the outfits she brought to her shoot! And she also brought several bracelets belonging to her boyfriend for this shot here.

There are times, however, when a “less is more” approach works even better. Take, for instance, these pictures of Song. Song is also from Windermere, Florida and for the majority of the shots during her session she was not wearing any jewelry, at all. We did end up getting a few shots of Song in earrings that were given to her as a gift from one of her daughters, though. Oh, and speaking of kids – can you believe Song is the mother of a 14-year old and a 10-year old?

* Quick aside – thank you, Jennifer Beverly for doing such an amazing job (as usual) on Song’s hair and makeup! *

So, this is what I tell my clients 100% of the time when I talk to them prior to their Portrait Couture sessions when the question of jewelry comes up. I always say to bring any items of jewelry or accessories that have sentimental meaning. We will be sure to include those items in some of the shots. But, the jewelry we decide to include (or, lack thereof) will absolutely depend on the outfit they accompany. It’s a pretty simple approach, don’t you think?

I thought Song’s clean and simple approach worked wonderfully… for all of her shots.

Enjoy your weekend!