Anatomy of a portrait couture session – Maria and overcoming nervousness

In my previous posts I’ve talked about Portrait Couture clients/ subjects who are comfortable in front of the camera. Without a doubt, Maria fits my more typical Portrait Couture profile… she was very nervous about being in front of the camera for her Portrait Couture photo shoot. Let me back up a bit. I’ve known Maria since college and she is married to one of my football teammates from college. We were all athletes in school. In fact, Maria was an Olympic-caliber high jumper who still holds numerous track records at the University of Florida. She was (and is) a true… STUD-ette! Despite the fact she’s in her early 40’s and has two kids (ages 15 and 11), I’ll bet she could still make the U.S. Olympic Team if she put her mind to it!

Being that we’ve been friends for so long may have actually made the shoot a bit more challenging as opposed to photographing someone I don’t know as well. But, Maria did exactly what I asked her to. And her shoot was a-mazing! Our circle of friends have always known (or, assumed) that Maria was extremely photogenic. I just had to coax some of that shyness away and teach her how to pose and connect with the camera. As is usually the case with someone who arrives at the studio a bit nervous, teaching the connection was probably the most challenging part of the shoot. But, like I say, “once you’ve got it, you’ve got it” and making that connection is easily repeatable.

It was pretty funny… whenever Maria would nail the connection she would let out a little, “oh” right after I clicked the shutter because she knew she had nailed the connection.
We had a great time at the shoot and I am so happy I finally got the opportunity to give Maria some shots worthy of her bright and beautiful nature.

Have a great day!