Anatomy of a portrait couture session – Erika

When Erika came to me for her Portrait Couture photo session, this is the first thing she said: “Brian, I’ve never had a good picture taken of me! I don’t photograph well.”

I hear this often from all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. We are all at our most vulnerable when we are in front of a camera. I guess it’s not a shocker that over 90% of the people who come in for photo shoots at the studio are not accustomed to having their picture taken in a studio environment, in the first place. And for an even higher percentage this is their first time having their picture taken in a studio environment by a professional photographer… ever.When I put together my marketing materials and my website, I did not want models. I wanted people like Lisa, mother of two just shy of 50 years old and still looking and feeling amazing! And I wanted people like Erika, a mother of two (ages 9 and 7) who is not comfortable in front of the camera.

Erika’s response to seeing her photos for the first time was priceless! I texted her a little teaser image after her photo shoot to show her how amazing she looked. She said she immediately forwarded the texted image to her best friend in Texas and they screamed like schoolgirls on the telephone because they were so excited about Erika’s picture.

To me, that’s what it’s all about. Proving to EVERY. ONE. that they are worthy of having an amazing photo of themselves – regardless of age, height, weight, etc. I love what I do, sometimes I feel like I am part photographer and part psychologist when I do Portrait Couture sessions… the impact on a person’s self-perception can be tremendous, indeed.

Have a wonderful week!