Anatomy of a portrait couture session – clothes and Jennifer

Over the course of my next several posts, I thought I would break down some of my recent Portrait Couture photo shoots and shed some light on what prospective clients can expect from a Portrait Couture session.

Today I’m going to showcase Jennifer’s shoot, and talk a little bit about what clothing works best for a Portrait Couture session…

Jennifer (Jen) will be the first to tell you that she’s never been comfortable in front of the camera. In fact, this was her first real photo shoot. Truth be told, I’ve wanted to photograph Jen ever since we met about three years ago. I guess we can blame our marriage two years ago and the birth of our little girl for delaying those plans. I finally had the opportunity to make good on my wishes and Jen came in for her very first Portrait Couture photo shoot. Our stylist for Jen’s session was the talented Jennifer Beverly. She did a fantastic job on Jen’s hair and makeup for the shoot.

I helped Jen pick out her wardrobe for her session, avoiding clothes that had any strong patterns and logos. We found a few stores at the mall that offer pieces which are perfect for a Portrait Couture photo session – for a bit more glamorous and colorful look, which photographs extremely well. Arden B. for clothes that tend to be a bit more hip and trendy. And good ol’ GAP for casual clothes that have looked great on almost everybody I’ve photographed.

I tell clients to bring 4 – 5 outfits that represent their individual style. Bring something light, something dark, something colorful, and in some cases clients will want to do some photos for themselves or for their significant other which warrants a clothing choice on the “sexier” side. And believe me, “sexy” to one person can mean something completely different to someone else. To some, sexy can mean a strap falling off the shoulder. For others it can mean lingerie or an implied nude shoot. Oh, and as far as nudes go, I do not actually photograph my clients nude. They are always wearing some form of underwear and I complete the “impression” of being nude afterwards in Photoshop. A great example of that is Jen’s implied nude photo in this series.

Jen did a fantastic job for her first real photo shoot! She followed all of my directions like a champ, and got to show off her 40-something self to create images that I know our daughter will brag about someday. And that is what I want to show to all of the prospective clients out there. The people I showcase on my website are not models. In fact, for most of my clients they have had a history of being very un-comfortable in front of the camera. The techniques I teach during the Portrait Couture sessions are what make the subjects look relaxed, confident, connected, and absolutely stunning!

I hope you enjoy Jen’s photos, and feel free to send me any questions you’d like me to cover in future posts.