A portrait couture session – Tracy and the power of posing

When we hear the words “posing” and “photography” in the same sentence, there are likely a few strong not-so-happy memories that bubble up from our childhood or teen years. Memories of a photographer telling us to “tilt your head .4 inches to your lower-right“, or “rest your hand just under your chin as if you are thinking… hard… about something.” Fun, right? And then, in the 1980’s along came a company (I won’t say the name… but, it kind of rhymes with Glamour Shots) which had people (predominantly women, of course) posing in the most god-awful poses… donning such wonderful props as feather boas (sometimes multiple boas), massive earrings, and makeup done so heavily that it would add one to two pounds on the scale.

Well, let me say something about posing. Do I pose my subjects in a Portrait Couture photo session? Absolutely! But, I have been inspired and educated by a person whom I consider to be the absolute world leader when it comes to posing and getting the strongest connection from a woman (or, anybody for that matter) during a photo shoot.

Her name is Sue Bryce. Sue is a photographer, originally from New Zealand but she now resides and works from Australia. Sue’s pictures are nice. Very nice. But, what sets her apart in my mind is her ability as a “photo psychologist” to tap into every client’s unique personality and bring out that personality during the photo shoot. With very subtle posing techniques it is possible to showcase every subject, regardless of whether they are thin or curvy, in their absolute best possible light.

And I teach these posing techniques to every person I photograph before and during each Portrait Couture photo shoot.

I think back to when I started out in photography. I was photographing people, mostly women. But, I now realize how clueless I truly was when it came to bringing out the most in every person’s unique personality through every single photograph. And that is why I never get bored doing these Portrait Couture photo shoots. I’m not reinventing the wheel with every shoot, in fact I repeat many of the same poses in every shoot. But, every client brings something new to each and every shoot. And I’m not just talking about clothes and accessories. Every person has a unique personality and life that’s just dying to be documented. And it doesn’t matter what race, ethnicity, age, or size I am photographing. Every person is unique in front of the camera. And I love that!

And what’s the best thing about these “posed” photos? People will not be looking at these pictures in 30 years saying, “wow, those pictures look like they were done in the 2010’s!” Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for many of the pictures from 30 years ago.
Let’s talk about Tracy’s photo shoot. Tracy came to me from right here in Winter Garden, Florida. She is a mother of three (ages 11, 7, and 3). And Tracy was very, very nervous before her photo shoot. In fact, she was so anxious about her shoot that she came down with bronchitis and a double ear infection before her originally scheduled photo shoot, so we had to push back her session date a couple of weeks.

Well, it was certainly worth the wait. Tracy is self-admittedly extremely camera shy, but thanks again to the posing and connecting techniques I have learned from the incredible Sue Bryce, you would never know from viewing Tracy’s beautiful pictures. And again, what is best is that Tracy’s pictures are timeless. And you don’t have to be a size 2 to look gorgeous in a photo. Tracy’s kids and grandkids and great grandkids will look at Tracy’s pictures and have an instant glimpse into the beautiful person Tracy was in 2012.

Enjoy your week!