A portrait couture session – Latoya and what to wear to a shoot

I must say I have experienced quite the learning curve regarding women’s clothing ever since becoming a full-time photographer. Whether it’s the discussions I hear between bridesmaids and brides on a wedding day, or the bevy of questions I field from prospective Portrait Couture clients here at the studio… I am learning something new every week, it seems. And I am quite confident in my masculinity to be able to talk freely about women’s clothing and under-clothing now, for that matter… thank you.

On the subject of clothing, I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you on what to bring to a photo session. More specifically, what clothes to bring to a Portrait Couture photo session here at the studio.
To demonstrate, I thought I would share some photos from LaToya’s recent Portrait Couture photo session.

In my pre-shoot phone consultations with clients I suggest that they bring 4 – 5 outfits that truly represent their style. I suggest they bring something dark, something light, something colorful, and some clothing that really represents their individual style. Outfits to avoid at all costs include clothes with very strong patterns and/ or logos. We want the attention to go to the person being photographed, NOT the clothes they are wearing.

We’ve all worn outfits that seem to receive a larger share of compliments from friends and family, right? Bring. Them! You’re getting compliments for a reason. I know that I get more compliments when I wear blue shirts as opposed to white shirts. I am as white as a white boy can get, so white tends to wash me out and makes me look whiter than I already am. Blue works because I have blue eyes and the shirts compliment my eye color and skin tone. I know I also can pull off pinks, peaches, and other spring colors that people with darker skin probably cannot.

One thing I find is that black tends to work on just about everyone. I know that’s not always the case when we wear black out in public, but every person I’ve photographed has brought a black top and it has worked for every one of them, regardless of skin tone. It could have something to do with the lighting I use here at the studio (constant lighting) or it could be my style of shooting these Portrait Couture sessions, but all I know is that black is making everyone look like they should be in Vanity Fair magazine.
Have a fantastic week!